Looking to the Future: 99U, Behance, and Adobe

Behance made an amazing announcement today: We will be joining forces with Adobe to empower creatives and their careers on an even grander scale.As many of you know, 99U is the education arm of Behance, where we research and share pragmatic, actionable advice on making ideas happen. So what does this mean for us.

The short answer is: Only good news.

As it has been since its inception, 99U will remain a key part of Behance’s mission, striving to deliver the “missing curriculum” for creative minds—all the stuff we don’t learn in school.

In this effort, we will be continuing to pursue the same ambitious goals we laid out earlier in 2012, which will include:

  • A fully redesigned, mobile-friendly 99u.com launching in early 2013
  • A brand new blog with bite-size insights on making ideas happen
  • A bigger, better 99U Conference at Lincoln Center here in NYC
  • A new 99U book series which will debut in the summer of 2013
  • An expanded events roster and educational initiatives targeting creative minds

What’s more, our team will be pursuing these goals—and many more—with a new wind at our backs. Behance’s role within Adobe will increase our access to the creative community and provide new reach and resources that will allow us to take our mission even further.

I’m incredibly excited about the coming year, and all of the opportunities we’ll have to grow 99U. If we can help you get motivated on a rough day, spark a new approach to brainstorming, make better decisions, take smarter risks, or any other productive step that gets you closer to realizing your idea, I think we’re doing our job. (And it’s a fun job!)

Here’s to the year ahead. We can’t wait to see what you create.

Jocelyn & the Behance Team

Jocelyn K. Glei

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A writer and the founding editor of 99U, Jocelyn K. Glei is obsessed with understanding how work gives our lives meaning. She has authored three books about work, creativity, and business, including the Amazon bestsellers Manage Your Day-to-Day and Make Your Mark. Follow her @jkglei.
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