99U Conference 2013: Tickets Now On Sale!

Tickets are now on sale for the 99U Conference 2013! The official dates are May 2-3, 2013 at Lincoln Center in New York City. You can register here.

The 2013 99U Conference — formerly known as the 99% Conference — will be a full two-day experience encompassing:

  • A series of incredible 20-30 minute main stage talks that demystify the creative process and offer real-world insight on how to put your ideas into action.
  • A multi-track block of interactive master classes that provide an intensive initiation into the best practices of making ideas happen.
  • A series of original, behind-the-scenes “creator profile” videos from our friends at Cool Hunting.
  • Optional off-site studio sessions that will give you a behind-the-scenes look at leading creative companies in New York City.
  • Beautifully-designed takeaway materials and a schwag bag stuffed with action-oriented goodies.
  • A killer afterparty with live DJs and high-class cocktails.

We won’t be announcing speakers until the lineup is complete, but we can tell you that we’re brewing up an absolutely incredible roster for 2013. One that brings together the most productive creative visionaries from across industries, as well as leading researchers of the craft of creativity. To get a sense of who we curate, you can view past speakers here.

For 2013, we will also be moving to Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center to accommodate our growing audience. Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Alice Tully Hall is an absolutely stunning performance space that was recently redone by the renowned architects at Diller Scofidio + Renfro. We’re thrilled to have a new home that strikes such a perfect balance between intimacy and expansiveness. You can check out Alice Tully’s breathtaking theater, atrium, and plaza spaces here.

Looking forward to seeing you in 2013!

More Details on the 99U Conference

The 99U Conference
May 2-3, 2013 @ Alice Tully Hall, New York City
Register Now >>

For those unfamiliar with the 99U Conference, you can watch a short video overview and view past speakers in the conference section of this website. You can also check out videos of our 99U speaker talks.

10 Quotables from the 2012 Conference

A quick look at some of the most tweeted bits of advice from last year’s conference…

“If you’re not having doubt, you’re not pushing the boundaries hard enough.” —Tony Fadell

“Know your one thing. What is the one thing in the world you can do better than anyone else?” —Jason Goldberg

“I don’t think change can be planned. It’s only something that can be recognized after the fact.” —Jad Abumrad

“Just ask! Ask for more time, ask for more creativity, ask for more money.” —James Victore

“When people are feeling deeply & happily engaged in their work, they’re more likely to be creatively productive.” —Teresa Amabile

“Great teams don’t come about by chance. They cultivate a set of positive habits that, together, lead to greatness.” —Keith Yamashita

“Transparency and openness wins. Being vulnerable and open builds trust.” —Neil Blumenthal

“Our community is the best marketing engine that we have. And they keep us honest.” —Jenn Hyman

The question shouldn’t be “What’s the next big thing?” but “What’s the next big culture?” —Alexis Madrigal

“Without the doing, the dreaming is useless.” —Rilla Alexander

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Jocelyn K. Glei

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