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Newspaper CV by Leo Jansen

Marketing Your Work

How To Break The Mold & Reinvent Your Resumé

To get great work, you have to get noticed. A curated collection of resumes and other self-promo pieces that break the mold and spark genuine interest.

It’s no secret that creativity matters. Yet when it comes to selling our own services – arguably the thing that matters most – we often set aside our creative superpowers, opting for a standardized resume instead.In an overstuffed job market, it’s more important than ever to set yourself apart. But how can you cram everything you do, know, and aspire to accomplish into a single page and create something memorable?The options are infinite, but the most successful examples we’ve found have a few qualities in common. They tell a story, inject personality while maintaining professionalism, demonstrate expertise in a relevant way, and – last but not least – pique the curiosity of their recipients.Here are 15 examples of resumes, portfolios, and promotional mailers that entertain and inform:

1. Victor Petit‘s QR Code/video CV

2. James Gosling‘s infographic resume


3. Genevive Dennis‘ typographic resume


4. Stuart Mayhew‘s infographic resume


5. Riccardo Sabatini‘s editorial CV:


6. Leonardo Zakour‘s CV website


7. Sean A. Metcalf‘s printed pamphlet


8. Charlotte Olsen‘s chocolate CV


9. Hanna Phan‘s SlideRocket application pitch

10. Ewelina Rosinska‘s portfolio package


11. Menosunocerouno‘s packaging project for an imaginary client


12. Greig Anderson‘s poster CV/mailer

13. Rowan Toselli‘s woodworking portfolio

14. Matthew Skelton‘s scanimated business cards


15. Leo Jansen‘s newsprint CV/portfolio

What’s Impressed You? 

Do you have great examples of promo materials that you (or someone else) have created? Please share them in the comments!

To see more great resume & portfolio ideas, visit Behance.

Jenn Tardif

Jenn is a Product & Marketing Manager at Adobe and a Yoga Teacher. Formerly, she was the Associate Director of Partnerships for Behance and the Sr. Marketing Manager for The Drake Hotel. Say hello on Twitter.

  • Ali_writes

    impressive. Is that what it really takes these days? You have to be a graphic designer I guess.

  • ジャケット 冬

    ジャケット 冬…

    crocs crocband…

  • Bill

    Great observation. In my experience as a mainstream career coach and job search counsellor, most “traditional” jobs, and corresponding job openings, are reviewed by traditional HR and management personnel and they want to see content that is laid out pretty trditionally. Many of these types of resumes would simply be thrown out because they are too much work for these folks to wade through.
    While these samples are super for those in creative fields, let’s not get carried away and think every resume should be of this nature.

  • this is me

    this is me…

    Very good blog site! Do you have any pointers and hints for aiming writers? I’m intending to begin my own blog site quickly however I’m a little lost on every little thing. Would you suggest beginning with a cost-free platform like WordPress or opt f…

  • Yeop Azman

    These things never work out as a doctor. You can’t be creative😛

    • Yeop Azman

      I really hate my job and the lack of creativity or play.

      • Yitong Hong

        Trying to make my first cv so did some reseach, hope i can find a job soon haha

  • Samuel Gualtieri

    So interesting to see the response on these — Initially thinking that 99U was a designer-oriented community I now realize the target here is probably a bit wider than intended! I think these are brilliant for designers / art directors applying for positions in creative positions. So many are hired blindly without a true knowledge of skill. This would definitely help nail down a top choice.

    If you’re career choice is not a creative one, please by all means feel free to explore best practices in your field for applying to positions.

    I can however see the room for expanding upon the format of a professional CV for non-creative fields as well. Reinventing ones methods are important for whatever field you find yourself occupying.

    Sam Gualtieri
    Art Director, Chief Dreamer
    A New More Beautiful Studios (
    Founder of SquishPress (

  • Malachy Grond

    WOW! Now this is what I’m talking about. whenever I see an article about creative CVs they all just give run-of-the-mill advise on how to creative “catchy content”. I love graphical CVs but I can’t make it on my own from scratch. I have made a couple on my iPad using an app called Shine ( It was fun and easy!

  • Dana Leavy-Detrick

    Some of these are really cool and well-executed. Just keep in mind, if you’re going into an interview or meeting, bring along a regular text version they can reference, as a lot of these aren’t conducive to printing out (you know, assuming they’re not on a tablet or the like). To folks like the doctor below, you’re going to be more limited, but you could try something more scaled back as a supplement, like the Slide Rocket preso above.

  • Jimbean2much

    Very Cool!

  • vhUjAebroF

    Third Flower

    My wife and i have already been now delighted that Albert could perform his scientific tests on account of the tips he had by your web page. It truly is on occasion perplexing to only constantly be gifting away ways which lots of people could have been…

  • Lara Krofty

    I have reworked my CV after doing lots of research on Behance (where these examples have been taken from) and learning software for that matter:) did not get ANY job offers with my previous ‘boring’ resume’, and, due to the fact that I am looking for both permanent and freelance contracts, I am contacting clients as well as companies and recruitment agencies. There is only one problem: that most of the HR departments or agencies look for KEYWORDS in your CV, and often is scanned by a goddamned computer, meaning that someone might even be rubbish at what they do, but if you insert the correct wording then you have a chance to be offered an interview. This has put me off completely……..

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  • daniele

    These examples remind me of Sean Adam’s words:

    “I want a simple portfolio.

    Here it is, here’s the simple clean easy to

    read pieces, here’s my resume with just the information.So it’s mostly that I give just simple

    and easy to understand plain and presentable.

    And not over rod, not over done. Not people pulling

    out gigantic posters and then rolling them, but

    just presenting like here’s, here’s some of my skills.”

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Illustration by Oscar Ramos Orozco.
Illustration: Oscar Ramos Orozco
Newspaper CV by Leo Jansen
Illustration: Oscar Ramos Orozco