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TinType Photos Capture the 99U Conference in Vintage Style

One of the coolest additions to this year’s 99U Conference was an incredible TinType Photobooth presented by Pentax, where photographer Michael Shindler shot portraits of speakers, staff, and attendees. Made by hand on 4″ x 5″ metal plates, tintypes are unique images that capture the intensity of the individual personality in the tradition of 19th-century photography. Or, put another way, they transform respectable creatives into hard-bitten bank robbers, coal miners, and cowboys.For a behind-the-scenes look at the tintype process, check out this video from our curation partners at Cool Hunting. Then scroll down for a look at our 19-century-style 99U portraits of Baratunde Thurston, Alexis Ohanian, Rilla Alexander, Jenn Hyman, and more.

Photobooth: A Cool Hunting video premiere for the 99U Conference

99U Speaker Alexis Ohanian // Co-Founder, Reddit

99U Speaker Baratunde Thurston // Author, How To Be Black

99U Speaker Jennifer Hyman // Co-Founder & CEO, Rent the Runway

99U Speaker Charlie Todd // Founder, Improv Everywhere

99U Speaker Rilla Alexander // Co-Founder & Illustrator, Rinzen

99U Speaker Jad Abumrad // Creator & Host, Radiolab

99U Speaker & Host, Scott Belsky // Co-Founder & CEO, Behance

99U Speaker Alexis Madrigal // Senior Editor, The Atlantic

99U Speaker Keith Yamashita // Chairman, SYPartners

99U Director & Executive Producer, Jocelyn K. Glei

Matias Corea //
Behance Co-Founder & Chief of Design

Josh Rubin //
Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Cool Hunting

Tintypes packaged and ready for pickup


In the booth at the 99U Conference with Michael Shindler
All tintype photos courtesy of Michael Shindler and Photobooth. All behind-the-scenes photos courtesy of Lauren Lancaster.
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