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99U Music Mix - Work at a Different Speed

When it’s time to focus on your creative labors, you don’t want to feel rushed. Wordless, immersive, and ambient, this latest 99U music mix  – Work at a Different Speed – is about as un-hurried as you can get. Lilting electronic pulses, abstract synth tones, and acoustic solo instruments downshift your brain for productive focus.

“Work at a Different Speed Mix”

  1. Eliane Radigue – “Adnos III” [0.00]
  2. Organisation (Kraftwerk) – “Tone Float” [3:40]
  3. Brian Eno – “Thursday Afternoon” [7:22]
  4. Triola – “In Lourdes” [14:35]
  5. Steve Gunn – “Lansdowne Shuffle” [19:42]
  6. Keith Fullerton Whitman – “Modena” [23:54]
  7. The Necks – “Mosquito” [39:01]
  8. Luc Ferrari – Éphémère II “Lyon 75” [42:55]
Total runtime: 50:22
*We have assembled the available Spotify tracks (sadly, not so many) here.
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Scott McDowell

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Scott McDowell is a strategy consultant and a coach to new managers & first-time leaders. He wrote New Manager Handbook to help leaders in transition panic less. He also hosts a radio show called The Long Rally on WFMU.
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