Introducing ProSite: A New Portfolio Service From Behance

This article is part of a series that explains the purpose and intentions behind new products and services from Behance that help empower creative professionals and teams.

Today, our team is extremely proud to introduce ProSite, a revolutionary new way to build, host, and manage your personal portfolio website. Like 99U, Action Method, and the Behance Network, we created ProSite to empower the careers of creative professionals.

So what’s revolutionary about ProSite? To explain our vision, we should first delve for a quick moment into the history of how creatives have presented their work.


In the olden days, creatives lugged around “The Book,” a physical portfolio that was sent around to headhunters and prospective clients whenever an opportunity presented itself. These books were expensive, heavy, and outdated from the moment they were sent.

In recent years, most creative professionals have transformed their portfolio book into a stand-alone website. The stand-alone web portfolio has offered some efficiencies, but fundamental challenges remain: As with old-school portfolio books, you still need to invite, or drive, people to view your site. As we all know, “If you build it, they will come” is not always entirely true. And what if you don’t know how to code a website in the first place?!

ProSite introduces a new concept tailored to the modern creative professional: A connected portfolio website that’s fully customizable, with no coding required.


So how did we make ProSite happen?

At the outset of an intense design and development process, we established a handful of elements that we deemed essential to creating our vision of the “connected portfolio.” These are the objectives that guided our decisions as we developed ProSite:

1. Advanced Customization, No Coding Necessary

We wanted ProSite to accommodate creative professionals regardless of their web programming knowledge. We wanted enough simplicity to empower a creative with absolutely no knowledge of web coding, while also offering enough customization options to please the most advanced designers. While developing the features, we were very focused on streamlining the website creation process. You can create a ProSite in 2 minutes or spend days customizing it.

2. A “Connected” Portfolio, In-Sync With Behance, LinkedIn, & More

ProSite seamlessly syncs your online portfolio with the Behance Network, allowing you to create and manage your entire online presence from one central place. By integrating ProSite with the Behance Network, we also empower you to broadcast your work with a single click to a variety of other platforms, including LinkedIn, AIGA, AdWeek, and more.

3. Integrate The Best Social Promotion & Marketing Tools On The Web

A great creative career requires a marketing strategy and tools to maximize exposure and opportunity. We wanted to make sure that every project you upload has the full range of social promotion options including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon among others. We also built in analytics and SEO tools to help user websites get found in search engines.

4. Save Creative Professionals Time & Money

We wanted to save creative professionals TIME. Time is our most precious commodity, and we developed ProSite to reduce the time spent maintaining your personal website by 90%.

We also wanted ProSite to provide the very best hosting and support at an extremely affordable cost. Behance has invested many years in developing a large hosting infrastructure, redundant systems to ensure uptime, and services that keep your website fast and secure. ProSite offers it all for $11/month (or $8.25/month with the annual plan).


Our team is obviously extremely excited to share ProSite with the creative world. We sincerely hope you’ll experience ProSite for yourself and share your work with the world!

Watch the ProSite Trailer:

–> View A Gallery of Websites Powered by ProSite

–> Create Your Own ProSite

Scott Belsky

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Scott Belsky is Adobe's Vice President of Community and Co-Founder & Head of Behance, the leading online platform for creatives to showcase and discover creative work. Scott has been called one of the "100 Most Creative People in Business" by Fast Company, and is the author of the bestselling book, Making Ideas Happen.
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