Illustration by Nora Herting of ImageThink.

Illustrated Takeaways #1: Simon Sinek, Patrician McCarthy & Beth Comstock

To add visual punch to our 2011 99U Conference takeaways, we partnered with Ogilvy Notes to create a series of illustrations emphasizing the essential points of each and every 99U talk. First up, we have some visualizations of two of our incredible Day 1 speakers – expert researchers in the fields of leadership and collaboration – and our sit-down interview with Beth Comstock, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at GE.

PATRICIAN McCARTHY – Founder, The Mien Shiang Institute

Patrician McCarthy, as founder of The Mien Shiang Institute, teaches the ancient Taoist technique of Medical Facial Diagnosis, or “face reading,” to the mainstream. McCarthy taught us how being self-aware and learning about innate gifts and challenges can help inform our decisions and teach us how to approach personal and collaborative situations.

We make things happen by knowing who we are.


Illustration by Nora Herting. Click to view a larger image.

SIMON SINEK – Leadership Expert & Author, Start With Why

An expert in communities and leadership, Simon Sinek studies why people do the things they do, and what makes some people so much more impactful than others. Sinek illuminated truths about how we make decisions, and how to stretch the limits of what we can achieve by forming communities we trust.

Your work is your own private megaphone to tell the world what you believe.


Illustration by Nora Herting. Click to view a larger image.

BETH COMSTOCK – SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, GE

As GE’s Chief Marketing Officer and SVP, Beth Comstock navigates the challenging position of operating within a large, 130-year-old corporation, while working to encourage the kind of innovation and risk-taking that’s more common in start-ups. In conversation with Behance CEO Scott Belsky, Comstock spoke candidly, sharing valuable insights from her experiences at GE.

Make heros out of some of the failures. Pay attention to the learnings.


Illustration by Nora Herting. Click to view a larger image.
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