99U Music Mix - Auto-Tune Your Productivity

Designed to entertain without totally taking over your brain, this latest 99U mix works its way into a nice, bouncy, little groove to help ease you on down the road of your creative project. So put on those headphones, and let’s get going.Oh, and we also planted a “mystery track” this time for a little added mystique. But you’re smart, we’re sure you can figure it out.

“Auto-Tune Your Productivity Mix”

  1. Matthew Dear – “Honey” [0.00]
  2. Anna Calvi – “No More Words” [3:46]
  3. Korallreven – “Honey Mine” feat. Victoria Bergsman [7:34]
  4. Dub Narcotic Sound System – “Ship to Shore” feat. Lois [12:04]
  5. El Perro del Mar – “Let Me In” (Nhessingtons Remix) [17:20]
  6. Can – “Vitamin C” [23:44]
  7. Portishead – “Strangers” [27:16]
  8. Guido – “Beautiful Complication” [31:11]
  9. Mystery Track [35:05]
  10. GB Interprets Little Dragon – “After the Rain” [39:59]
  11. James Blake – “To Care (Like You)” [44:04]
  12. The Notwist – “Pick Up The Phone” [47:50]
  13. Lali Puna – “Middle Curse” [51:45]
  14. Drake – “Fireworks” (Deadboy Slo Mo House Edit) [55:20]

Total runtime: 61:38

–> Purchase the mix from iTunes*

* A few of these songs are not available on iTunes. You can get the remaining tracks here, here, and here.

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Jocelyn K. Glei

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