99U Music Mix - Destination: Elsewhere

Like most creative people, I am easily distracted. When I get ready to plunge into a new project at the Self-Titled office, I need some music to transport me elsewhere. A mix that will subtly envelope and energize me without consuming my full attention.
For this 99U mix – “Destination: Elsewhere” – I picked some of my favorite chamomiled compositions, songs that soothe the brain into running free and experimenting. Four Tet and Boards of Canada are certainly creative standards, and no artistic soul should be without The Album Leaf or Ulrich Schnauss. So, take a deep breath, press play, and go Elsewhere. Chances are I’ll see you there.

“Destination: Elsewhere Mix”

  1. The Album Leaf – “Twenty Two Fourteen” [0:00]
  2. Catacombkid – “Snowed In” [5:27]
  3. Baths – “♥” [8:11]
  4. The Alps – “Into The Breeze” [11:27]
  5. Belle & Sebastian – “Nightwalk” [15:30]
  6. Clogs – “I Used To Do” [17:33]
  7. Four Tet – “Slow Jam” [22:02]
  8. Boards of Canada – “Music Is Math” [27:16]
  9. DJ Shadow – “Fixed Income” [32:30]
  10. Ulrich Schnauss – “Wherever You Are” [37:18]
  11. Röyksopp – “Triumphant” [43:51]
  12. Brian Eno – “Emerald and Stone” [48:10]
  13. Caribou – “Bowls” [50:11]
  14. Ratatat – “Alps” [56:29]
Total runtime: [60:55]

*The iTunes mix does not include “Snowed In” by Catacombkid.

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