20 Gifts for the Productivity Nerd in Your Life

Here at 99U and Behance, we believe that organization is a key component in creative execution. So, with that in mind, we assembled a holiday gift guide with an eye toward organizing and streamlining. Whether it’s wirelessly rocking your office playlist and your conference calls, storing your digital cables for travel, or finding a moment of zen in a bonsai forest, there should be something here for the design-savvy, creativity-happy nerd in your life.Full disclosure: We have included a few products from Behance’s own Creative’s Outfitter. Specifically designed to help creatives be more productive, we just didn’t think our list would be complete without them!

Container Store Plug-In Charging Shelf ($14.99)
Finally, a cure for the hazardous hanging iPhone cord! This shelf is perfect for your favorite desk minimalist or technology enthusiast.

Baggu Zip M ($12.00 for a set of 3)
Baggu’s assortment of zippered, rip-stop nylon bags are perfect for sorting cords, writing implements, electronics, and toiletries. The jaunty color assortment doesn’t hurt, either.

DODOcase ($65.00)
Hand-crafted beauty meets 21st-century productivity with Behance’s new DODOCase collaboration: a sleek, black, limited-edition iPad case that’s constructed using traditional bookbinding techniques.

Jawbone JAMBOX ($199.99)
One of the hottest tech-toys of the season, Jawbone’s JAMBOX is a killer multitasker. Using wireless Bluetooth connectivity, it can become an instant conference-call center or a bumpin’ little stereo system for office disco parties.

4 Function Ruler Pen ($35.00)
Ruler? Check. Pen, pencil, and highlighter? Check. Stylus? Check. Designer Adrian Olabuenaga went seriously overboard with the all-in-one functionality on this one. The ultimate nerd utensil.

KOR Delta ($19.95)
The designers at KOR take geeking out about your “hydration vessel” to new levels. The Delta is their second generation water bottle, which comes equipped with a push-button cap, “hygenic spout,” and cushioned base.

Jack and Lulu Calendar 2011 ($48.00)
Yes, you could simply glance at your Google Calendar, but isn’t this colorful, simple letterpress version much more inspiring? As a bonus, you get to unveil a new hand-printed calendar sheet every month.

FreeHands Knit Wool Gloves ($16.00 for women’s / $20.00 for men’s)
There’s really no need to let Jack Frost compromise your digital addictions. Just flip back the convertible fingertips on these super-stylish gloves, and you’re all set to operate your iPad, iPhone, iEtc.

Dropbox Pro50 Subscription ($9.99/mo)
The most literal item on this list, a year’s subscription to Dropbox will help your favorite hardcore productivity geek sync their files across systems, share documents seamlessly, and backup without stress.

Action Journal ($17.50)
Our Action Products are tailor-made for executing creative projects. Jot down your notes or sketches on the blank dot grid sheets, and pull out key action steps in the right-side column. You’ll be getting more done in no time.

FredFlare Fingerprint Bookmark ($8.00)
Why waste time trying to remember where you stopped reading? These adjustable bookmarks are great for the efficiency-focused reader, helping you keep track of exactly where you left off.

Desk-It ($8.00)
If you like to plan your week in advance, these limousine-length Desk-It stickies are an office essential. Pick the lined weekly calendar version for a bit more structure or the graph paper version for limitless scrawled reminders.

MoviePeg ($19.99)
The iPad does many things, but we haven’t quite mastered how to prop the thing up. Enter the MoviePeg. Sleek, simple design allows for slip-free movie watching.

LEGO Architecture Fallingwater ($94.00)

Fallingwater, from the LEGO architecture series, is the perfect find for the (design-obsessed) big kid in all of us. Challenge them to recreate Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece without looking at the directions.LaCie iamaKey 8GB Flash Drive ($29.95)
You know the Boy Scout’s motto: Always be prepared with a USB drive. Pop this durable drive onto your keyring and you’ll never be left in the data lurch again. (Also available in 4 and 16GB.)

Never Use Pop Up Windows ($18.00)
The latest ridiculous installment from the Dutch publishers at BIS, “Never Use…” breaks down 50 ridiculous do’s and don’ts for designing on the web. Great tongue-in-cheek advice for the web designer in your life.

Jack Spade Bag ($245)
Sure, backpacks can seem nerdy or un-adult, but this neat little Jack Spade pack roundly rejects any such assumptions. Inside its retro exterior lives a padded computer sleeve and a mesh slip pocket for all those cords. Rather spendy, but no one ever said cool came for free.

Bonsai Forest ($50.00)
It’s been proven that workers are more productive when surrounded by interior plants. This wee forest is the perfect pick for a fellow denizen of cubeland, or perhaps an anal friend who could really get into mini-tree pruning.

Bucky Balls Magnetic Building Spheres ($34.99)
A bit of tactile work can do wonders for motivation. If you can conquer the mental turmoil of creating a perfectly symmetrical cube with these magnetic spheres, we’re pretty sure your next client meeting will be cake.

Dot Grid Cahier ($7.00 for 2)
Why let lines cramp your style? The Dot Grid Cahier’s light geometric dot matrix serves as a subtle guide for your notations and sketches, and fits snuggly in your back pocket to boot.

Jocelyn K. Glei

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