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Welcome to the New 99U!

Notice anything different around here? We've totally overhauled, revamped our magazine, and a whole bunch more! But don't worry, our content will stay as actionable and useful as ever.

99U is approaching its seventh (!) birthday. And like all seven year olds, we’ve found ourselves wondering: What do we want to be when we grow up? More appropriately, we took our seventh year as a chance to ask ourselves (and you): What could we be doing better? How can we best serve the creative audience who visits us every day for career insights? (To say nothing of the 11 million of whom visit Behance every month.)

In that process, we realized that the creative career landscape is more precarious than ever. Creative people everywhere are battling outsourcing, automation, lightning fast technology changes, and economic uncertainty while being required to totally switch paths at a moment’s notice. As the world gets more complicated, you need someone who can help you not only keep up, but thrive.

99U was founded to help people, specifically those in the creative industry, by sharing insights into making ideas happen. That mission is deep in our DNA, and we are doubling down on it for our newest incarnation. The new 99U isn’t a departure from before—it’s a refocusing, and renewal of our dedication to you. We believe that the creative soul is different than others and requires a much more focused publication. As a result, we are refreshing the ways in which we provide the “missing curriculum” for building an incredible creative career.

Beyond a beautiful new design (courtesy of our own Head of Brand Mark Brooks), we’re making several changes and launching several exciting things around here:

  • A more visual When you write about creative work, you need to show it off. We’ve tripled the size of lead post images, so you can get a closer look at top-flight creative work.
  • Better access to 99U’s archives: We’ve written over 900 evergreen, creative career insights, and our redesign allows them to be found much easier. Similar posts will load under the current article (see our interview with Javier Jáen for example), and we’ve recategorized every piece of content to make it easier to find (check out every article we’ve ever written here). So when you find yourself in need of some, say, time management advice, you can easily get access to our best stuff.
  • Expanded editorial vision: If you haven’t noticed already we’ve expanded the purview of the articles that appear here. More interviews, more granular looks into the design of great projects and products, and more no-frills creative career advice that you can’t find anywhere else. (Editorial nerds can get a more complete run down of our process and research in our Medium post here.)
  • Overhauled email newsletter: Since 99U’s original launch more than 800,000 of you have signed up for our weekly newsletter. We’ve rebuilt it entirely to give you a more pleasing reading experience, on both mobile and desktop. Not a subscriber? You’re missing out! Get our best articles once a week here, or in the box to the right of this post.
  • Brand new 99U Magazine: The “Quarterly” has been stripped down and built again, reborn as 99U Magazine. It contains all of the insights, research, and interviews of its past incarnation, but more catered to you. We’ve increased the page count from 64 to 96 pages, doubled the number of interviews featured, designed in full CMYK, and introduced a handful of new features (like a look at creative workspaces around the world) — all with the eye of helping your build an incredible career. And the best part? We kept the same price point. Subscribe today for four issues of 99U Magazine for $59, delivered directly to your doorstep.
  • Back issues of the 99U Magazine. Some issues are already available for you late-comers, but expect every 99U Magazine ever made to be available for one-off purchasing in the next few months. See what’s available so far here.

Coming soon:

  • A brand new 99U Conference experience. With the launch of our new site, we’ll soon be announcing new Studio Sessions, Master Classes, and Creative Career Offsites. Registration to these workshops is available to 99U attendees only and, lucky for you, we have some tickets remaining. Apply here.
  • The 99U Apple TV app: With nearly 100 conference talks in our archive, it was time we gave them the proper respect worthy of living room viewing. Starting in a few days you’ll be able to download our new Apple TV app, with easy (and free!) access to every conference talk ever given at our yearly sold out gathering in New York City.

Let us know what you think of the redesign (and any bugs the eagle-eyed amongst you catch) by commenting below or emailing us at

Sean Blanda

Sean Blanda is a writer based in New York City and is the former Editor-in-Chief and Director of 99U. Find him on Twitter: @SeanBlanda.

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