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The 99U Podcast

The 99U Podcast: Ron Friedman on Building the Perfect Workplace

From sunlight to ping pong to job interviews, there are lots of little things that make for a great workplace.

Ping pong! Unlimited time off! A full kitchen! We hear all the time about great workplace perks, but what actually works? What can we do to our workplace that has an impact on our creativity and productivity? 

In this episode of the 99U podcast, we chat with Ron Friedman, author of The Best Place to Work. Whether you have complete control over your surrounding workplace or you are restrained to a tiny cubicle, Friedman shares what changes we can make to supercharge our output. Some of the topics we touch upon:

  • Why hiring for a “culture fit” only works at the start of a company’s lifespan.
  • The importance of sunlight in our office.
  • The reason the best perks are the ones you can brag about to friends.

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Or, listen below:

99U Podcast 8: Ron Friedman (runtime: 25 mins)

Sean Blanda

Sean Blanda is a writer based in New York City and is the former Editor-in-Chief and Director of 99U. Find him on Twitter: @SeanBlanda.

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  • Vegard Iglebæk

    How about cross publishing these podcast on your Soundcloud account?

  • Chloe Donna

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  • Web Outsourcing Gateway

    the best workplace is the place of open minded people and most of all, like one of your article, a team of gratitude. Thanks for this.

  • Nick Farncomb

    Is there an issue with the recording volume or is it just me? For the past few episodes, 99u has been a lot quieter than other podcasts I subscribe to.

  • Guest

    Actually the attachment above is fine. It must be my podcast app.

  • Digitell, Inc.

    Freedom and growth leads to fulfillment!

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