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The 99U Podcast

The 99U Podcast: Job Hunting with Pamela Slim

The author of "Body of Work" joins us to discuss: How do we make sense of a wandering career path?

As careers become increasingly unstable, there’s a high likelihood you’ll find yourself ready to switch jobs, companies, or industries. When that moment comes, then what?

In this episode of the 99U Podcast, we chat with Pamela Slim, author of Body of Work, where she provides us with actionable steps to figure out the new career landscape. We spoke with Slim about:

  • How do you stake out on your own when you don’t have any connections or money?
  • The step-by-step method for creating constraints for your job hunt (for when everything seems like a possibility).
  • Why focusing on more than one project or passion is a good thing.

This is an experiment on our part, so please let us know what you think in the comments or by @ replying us on Twitter

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Or, listen below:

99U Podcast 2: Pamela Slim (runtime: 32 mins)

Sean Blanda

Sean Blanda is a writer based in New York City and is the former Editor-in-Chief and Director of 99U. Find him on Twitter: @SeanBlanda.

Comments (6)
  • Golfer12

    Hi Sean, I am 63 years old and worked for Corporations most of my life and I loved listening to this! Thank you for making this interview available and including this in your “body of work”… (I also ordered Pam’s book). Reading the book and listening to this at 63 (instead of 23 or 33) will be an interesting journey.

  • David

    Great podcast!
    I am looking for some changes in my carrer and this will help me a lot.

  • Rosebcn

    Really interesting concept and discussion about what work means and how it forms part of our lives.Having been a survivor of the Corporate world for more than 20 years now looking to balance my Body of Work and have just bought the book. Thanks!

  • rebecaschmidt

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  • Chris

    Great conversation, got a lot out of this one. Love the idea of discovering who you are through creating something.

    Transcribed a bit of it too –

  • Rico Smith

    Is there a reason why you’re sound is so soft? I have to blast my speakers to be able to hear… 🙂

  • Rodrigo Rocha

    Thanks a lot for this great podcast and interview! Long life and best wishes for both of you!

    Rodrigo Rocha, 34
    São Paulo, Brazil
    Project Manager

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