Introducing the Mobile-Friendly & Our New Blog, Workbook

Welcome to the brand new 99U website. To keep pace with the way you read, we’ve worked hard to optimize the online experience so you can get the insights you need and get back to making great ideas happen. We’re also introducing a brand-new blog – Workbook – that will deliver observations on idea execution on the daily. Read on for details on all the new features.

1. A seamless desktop, mobile, and tablet experience now features a responsive design, which means it should be super-readable across all of your devices – desktop, tablet, and smartphone. The site now automatically detects your screen size and adjusts the design accordingly. (Seriously, try it: drag your browser window to wider and narrower sizes and watch the magic.) Now you can relax with your iPad and catch up on new 99U articles on the weekend, or quickly take in our daily posts on your phone on the way to work.

2. The new Workbook blog:  daily insights on creativity and productivity

We’re also thrilled to introduce Workbook, a new blog that delivers bite-size insights on productivity and creativity. We’ll be tracking conversations across the creative world and sharing daily observations to help you work better and work smarter. Dive in right here.

3. A simpler, better browsing experience

Beyond the responsive design, we’ve also made it easier to find the actionable insights you need, when you need them. Some changes of note:

  • Our in-depth “Articles” and “Tips” are now grouped under a single header “Articles.” This allows you to seamlessly browse all of our latest features at once.
  • The front page – and all articles – are now organized in chronological order, so you can easily hop onto the website and catch up on stuff you’ve missed.
  • Topic pages now show all 99U content types – articles, tips, and videos so you can find all of our insights on subjects like Focus, Time Management, or Creative Blocks.
  • Our video section – which features four years of 99U Conference talks – now boasts a more cinematic viewing experience. We’ll be introducing HD video this summer to deliver all of these insights with even more crispness and clarity.

Got Feedback?

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new design as well as any bugs you’re experiencing. Please feel free to share you input and eagle-eyed feedback by emailing us here.

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Jocelyn K. Glei

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A writer and the founding editor of 99U, Jocelyn K. Glei is obsessed with understanding how work gives our lives meaning. She has authored three books about work, creativity, and business, including the Amazon bestsellers Manage Your Day-to-Day and Make Your Mark. Follow her @jkglei.
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