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We provide the “missing curriculum” for building an incredible creative career.

For too long, the creative world has focused on idea generation at the expense of idea execution. As the legendary inventor Thomas Edison famously said, “Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration.” To truly make great ideas a reality, we must act, experiment, fail, adapt, and learn on a daily basis.

99U is Behance's effort to provide this “missing curriculum.” Through our Webby Award-winning website, popular events, and bestselling books, we share pragmatic, action-oriented insights from leading researchers and visionary creatives.

At 99U, we don't want to give you more ideas—we want to empower you to make good on the ones you've got.

We make:


Every three months, we publish the 99U magazine, a 96-page, full CMYK-designed read featuring interviews with top creatives, thoughtful essays, and career advice that you can implement right away. Also included: profiles of artist workspaces, the most beautiful Behance projects, and a design-focused travel guide to cities around the world. The best part? It's only $59 a year. Order here. →


Our annual 99U Conference brings together 950+ leading creatives for two days fully focused on the mechanics of making ideas happen. Through a series of intensive talks and master classes, the world's leading creative visionaries and researchers share best practices on idea execution. Past speakers have included Jack Dorsey, Beth Comstock, John Maeda, Tony Fadell, Seth Godin, Stefan Sagmeister, Paula Scher, Jonathan Adler, and many more. learn more →


Our 99U book series features interviews and essays from creative luminaries like Seth Godin, Stefan Sagmeister, Gretchen Rubin, Tony Schwartz, and Dan Ariely. see the books →


William Allen


William Allen is a Senior Director at Adobe where he leads Community Products, including Behance, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Talent and 99U. Millions of people across the globe use Behance and Adobe Portfolio every month to showcase and discover creative work. Prior to Adobe’s acquisition of Behance, Will acted as Behance’s COO. Previously, he created strategic partnerships with global brands at TED and was co-founder of the consultancy Industry Digital Media. Follow him on Twitter @williamallen.

Matt McCue


Matt McCue is the Editor-in-Chief of 99U. He lives in New York City, but he is willing to travel long distances for a good meal. Find him @mattmccuewriter or email him at 

Mark Brooks

Creative Director

Mark Brooks is a graphic designer and art director born in Barcelona. You can currently find him living in Brooklyn and working as Brand Director at Behance.

Kiana St. Louis

Assistant Editor & Community Manager

Kiana is the Assistant Editor and Community Manager for 99U. She is also a lover of fashion and the arts and believes the world could be a better place if everyone just wrote a little more. Follow her personal blog here.


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