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Dan Mall

Clients don’t buy products; they buy outcomes. So Mall, the founder of SuperFriendly, recommends controlling as much of the outcome as you can. "If your client writes a bad brief, then write a better one," says Mall. "That’s one of the first things I do in a project. Then I get them to ratify that. If we are agreed at that point, then we can keep moving forward."


Be a Great Storyteller

Expertly telling your story is the best kind of organic marketing you can do to promote your art because people care almost as deeply about how you create, as they do about the end product.

99U and Behance are Hiring a Creative Events Manager

We're looking for an experienced event manager with a love of the creative world to lead our 99U and Behance events. Sound like you?

Secrets to a Successful Creative Road Trip  

Strike out on an adventure that marries the freedom and exploration of travel with your artistic passion. It’s the chance to move outside of your normal working conditions, where you have all of your tools, and force yourself to make something outside of your comfort zone.

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Nobody Cares How Hard You Work

Will we ever decouple perceived effort and long hours with our rewards system?

Want to Create Things That Matter? Be Lazy.

Ignoring "shallow work" makes one appear lazy or distanced, but its the trait that enables great creatives to do work that matters.

Are Confident People More Productive?

Procrastination's main instigator? Insecurity.

Brainstorm Questions, Not Solutions

Your "proposed solution" is probably wrong.

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