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illustration by eron hare design awards

Connecting the Dots: Why Tech Brands Are Embracing Illustration

Some of the world’s leading tech brands are defined by one of the oldest art forms—illustration. Creatives at Dropbox, Slack, and Shopify tell us why.

Fatherhood Forces a Selfish Creative to Grow Up

As an expectant parent, Mike Sager was convinced that his career as a creativist was about to nose dive into a lumpy sea of malodorous baby poop. Then he welcomed a son into his life and everything changed.

Building a 100-Year-Old Business

A Brooklyn bronze foundry has endured on the banks of the East River for nearly a century. Its fourth steward Billy Makky can be be found in the shop daily wearing a fireproof apron and working away.

Print Ain’t Dead!

Madeleine Morley examines the print versus digital content battle over the last decade and discovers that digital and print actually compliment each other in a co-dependent relationship.

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Floyd Norman

Disney's first African-American artist was forced into retirement in 2001 at age 65. But that hasn't stopped the 81-year-old from continuing to create.

How to Become More Self-Aware

A new book offers fresh insight into how we can look at ourselves from another perspective to spot our weaknesses. The findings include ditching the diary for super-focused daily check-ins and trying a stomach churning-named "dinner of truth."

What I Wish I Knew at Every Age

Creatives, including Lisa Congdon, Debbie Millman, Tina Roth Eisenberg, and Ken Done, share what they wish they had known during different decades of their careers.

The State of Digital Design: 2017 Edition

Four agency leads come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities in their industry, when everyone and everything is "digital" these days.

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