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The Downside of Doing Too Much

Roles that used to be separate are now overlapping, as print blends with digital, still photography blurs into video and social media cuts through everything. Many believe their future depends on their ability to do it all, just to get new work. However, while it’s certainly beneficial to learn more about the industry as a whole, you could just as easily become a master of nothing.


How The 2016 Olympic Logo and Font were Created

What happens when two firms, from two continents have to work together to design something for the entire world to see?

The Merits of Giving Up on Your Ideas

Don't judge your ideas through a lens filled with beat-tired late nights, sacrificed paychecks, and all the other trademarks of building something from scratch. Instead, view them as investments, so you can better gauge when to move on from a loser.

The 5 Types of Personal Projects (And How You Can Justify Pursuing Them)

Side projects aren't a waste of time, as long as you undertake the right ones.

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Nobody Cares How Hard You Work

Will we ever decouple perceived effort and long hours with our rewards system?

Want to Create Things That Matter? Be Lazy.

Ignoring "shallow work" makes one appear lazy or distanced, but its the trait that enables great creatives to do work that matters.

Are Confident People More Productive?

Procrastination's main instigator? Insecurity.

Brainstorm Questions, Not Solutions

Your "proposed solution" is probably wrong

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